The World’s First Multi-Purpose Backed Token

Our vision is to create a trustworthy and fully backed exchangeable token with longevity and growth potential.

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About Yield Coin

Yield Coin is a diverse multipurpose token pegged to a group of businesses structured in different sectors, creating one of the only non-single point of failure tokens, backed by Finance and Banking experts

Source Code is publicly available on Etherscan

Our smart contract address is : 0x7f927f984177323c4ac49e6b1d398e40cd1a78f6

Proven Track Record

Yield Coin is a diverse multipurpose token pegged to a group of businesses structured in different sectors. As part of our road map within the next 3 years, we plan to roll out various projects to support the Yield Coin growth. Some of these exciting projects include: card payment processing, a public investment fund, a multi asset brokerage, a unique user GUI, ICO division launch and global integration in established businesses.

Our Reach

The internal team’s network and social media following alone is vast. With the further deployment of continued marketing and public relations augmentation, we are going to be working strongly on the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) fronts. We are bringing the cryptocurrency realm to the consumer, through mass retail adoption. As a starting premise we have calculated a reach of over 2 million people on the 1st of March.

Networked Approach

The connections we’ve made through our combined years in business has been a huge advantage in our initial growth phase. With these foundations in mind and our ever growing network, the future for Yield Coin is positive. The vision of our worldwide reach will be realised as we continue to develop with the Yield Coin ecosystem.

Credibility and Quality Assurance

The individuals that comprise the senior team have a wealth of experience in Finance and Banking spanning a combined 100+ years. Experts in the fields of blockchain architecture, trading, analytics, recruitment and operations, we have experience at some of the most prestigious companies in the world collating into Yield Coin.

Our Mission

Yield Coin is a diverse multipurpose token pegged to a group of businesses structured in different sectors, creating one of the only non-single point of failure tokens, backed by Finance and Banking experts.

ICOs as we know them are predisposed to being backed by either a single idea, project or singular function.

With this in mind, a failure can be down to a specific area not performing to expectation, not being implemented at all or not having a contingency plan in case of failure of the original idea. Many ICOs fail or don’t fulfil their potential as the idea or project that contributors have backed fail to materialise, causing the value of the coin/token to plummet, leaving the contributors with tokens that are virtually worthless.

  • ICO concept
  • Raises funds
  • Funds released
  • Concept fails
  • Money lost
  • Multi Purpose ICO concept
  • Raises funds
  • Senior Management pipeline initiated
  • Multi Purpose ICO successful
  • Yield Coin Value Explosive Growth

ICO & Blockchain Development

Yield Coin will be built on Ethereum’s solidity programming language as a ERC- 20 based token.

Wallet Launch

Our custom wallet will be directly available via the Yield Coin website, built by our Blockchain experts using node.js, Angular 4.0 and Mongo DB

Internal Integration

Our partner Samuel & Co Trading is a team of more than 50 Forex Traders, who will be implementing the use of Yield Coin internally helping to create liquidity.

Expansion into Europe

With the Company experiencing rapid growth, it's crucial to extend our footprint to Europe.

Team Expansion to 100 Traders

Samuel & Co Trading continues a strong growth trajectory, with plans to expand to over 100 traders to provide ongoing industry expertise to Yield Coin.

List on Crypto Exchanges

Initial discussions have taken place with our industry contacts, with Yield Coin having already gained approval to list on two exchanges.

Free Online Training Platform

We will be launching a free interactive online platform available to members of the public to help break down any topics our users desire within the Cryptocurrency, Forex and Stock Markets.

Multi Asset Brokerage

This brokerage will have numerous tradeable assets, with the initial focus on Commodity and Foreign Exchange instruments with multiple Cryptocurrency instruments being added in stage 3.

Public Investment Fund

A public fund will be established by our trading specialists with funds invested into cryptocurrencies and the FX market allowing for further liquidity to be pushed into Yield Coin and thus should increase the value of the token.

Yield Forum

There is an urgent need for a community-centric project framework. We value our token holders, and our objective is to create a democratic, decentralised and professional ecosystem to prioritise and manage Yield Coin projects and objectives.

Cryptocurrency Algorithm

Having a fully automated trading system that is constantly scanning the markets 24/7 for opportunities, opens the doors for great returns in such a volatile market.

Global Payment Solutions

We are bringing the Yield Payment App and Yield+ Card to the world, allowing users to exchange Yield Coin for goods or services in any shop that accepts cryptocurrency payments.

ICO Division Launch

Yield will support the ICOs every step of the way ensuring the ICO runs smoothly and effectively. In return, Yield Coin will receive a percentage of the soft cap and hard cap.

B2B Token Integration

We are partnered with 3 companies and are planning to expand this to 25 by the end of 2018.

Additional Asset Classes on Brokerage

Utilising the Yield Forum will enable us to prioritise and implement the most demanded instruments first

About Yield Coin

The team behind Yield Coin have over 100 years’ of combined experience in the Finance and Technology sectors, and are highly motivated and committed to the success of Yield Coin. The elimination of the single point of failure flaw in conjunction with the highly skilled and diversified team provide the foundation for Yield Coin’s success.

YieldCoin Stats

  • Name:

    Yield Coin

  • Ticker Code:


  • Blockchain Technology:

    ERC-20 Ethereum token standard

  • Type of Supply:


  • Token Features:

    Multi-Utility Token with no single point of failure

  • Total Supply:

    5,000,000,000 YLD tokens

  • Soft Cap:


  • Hard Cap:


  • ICO stage dates:

    01 March 2018 - 31 May 2018

  • Currencies Accepted:

    Fiat Currencies, BTC, ETH & ALT coins at a rate of $0.02 per Yield coin

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A unique opportunity exists to become a Yield Coin holder and grow your tokens alongside the founders. We look forward to having you onboard for this exciting journey together. Welcome to Yield Coin

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Stage 1 (Q2 2018)

  • ICO, Blockchain Development & Wallet Launch
  • Internal Integration
  • Expansion into Europe
  • ICO Division Launch
  • Lists on Crypto Exchanges

Stage 2 (Q1 2019)

  • Free Online Training Platform
  • Multi Asset Brokerage
  • Public Investment Fund
  • Yield Forum
  • Cryptocurrency automated algorithm (name to be decided by forum members)

Stage 3 (Q1 2020)

  • Global payment solutions
  • Additional Asset Classes on Brokerage
  • B2B token integration
  • Team Expansion to 100 Traders

Our team

Samuel Leach

CEO and Founder

Multi business owner, entrepreneur, and influencer bringing to Yield Coin a wealth of knowledge and ambition. His success and transparency in a clouded industry soon caught the public’s eye with Samuel becoming one of the most followed traders globally.

Matthew Wright

Digital Architect and Blockchain Expert

Matthew is a partner at Samuel & Co Trading. Blockchain evangelist, Crypto, FX and Stock trader and Ethereum miner. His current roles include Digital Architect, Data Science Manager to Tencent Africa, who recently overtook Facebook to be the 4th biggest company in the world.

Kathy Robinson

Complex Infrastructure Project Manager

Kathy brings to the company a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering projects. An APM and Prince2 accredited Professional Programme / Project Manager with 30+ years’ experience, excellent implementation skills and a proven track record of delivering and executing projects working across various industries.

Elliot Guinn

COO and Trader

Raj Singh

Financial Trader and Senior Account Manager

Dale Seweryn

Financial Trader & Recruitment Specialist